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Thanks to all who participated in our March 2004 Mine + 9 Campaign.  Your support made a difference and is much appeciated!



Dear Friend,


I am writing you today as a parent and taxpayer in the Westerville City School District.  As I'm sure you are aware, the school district is struggling with their funding and financial situation, as are most school districts across Ohio.


As you are also aware, we are fortunate to be part of the Westerville City School District as it is one of the top school districts in the State of Ohio.  Its the 9th largest district in the state and continues to develop well-rounded, high achieving students, athletes and teachers.  We, as a district, continue to score high on the State of Ohio measures of school districts, while maintaining a cost per student ratio that is in the bottom quarter of the about value for the dollar!!


Over the past year, the school board has tried to secure the funding needed to maintain excellence in our district, but the levies have been defeated at the ballot box.  I chalk up those defeats to a number of causes: 

  • Misinformed people who have been led to believe the school district builds extravagant buildings, pays inflated salaries and wastes money on the latest program du jour.
  • People who are frustrated with the State funding (or lack thereof) of education and somehow want to send a message to the State to get their attention.
  • Individuals on fixed incomes, concerned over the continual eroding of their earning power through increases in healthcare, insurance and taxes.

All of these reasons have contributed to the failure of the past two levies and have both some validity and inaccuracy to them.  However, I believe the number one reason for the situation we currently find ourselves in is VOTER APATHY!


Turnout during past elections, when levies were on the ballot, school board candidates and city council seats were up for election, voter turnout was in the 20-30% range.  That, to me, is alarming!  There are so many situations in our lives that we have little control over.  However, decisions regarding who will run your city, oversee your school district, or educate your or your friend's/neighbor's children, why is it that so few of us make the effort to influence those key decisions?  Exercising one's right to vote is the single most powerful thing a person can do as a citizen in our country and in our society.


That is why I am introducing a grass roots effort to encourage the vote and have the majority of voters in the Westerville City School District decide the future of their schools.  The effort is called:

MINE + 9


The concept of Mine + 9 asks you to be accountable for your "yes" vote on election day (March 2nd) plus the vote of nine (9) of your friends, neighbors, relatives or coworkers.  Then, each of the nine (9) people are asked to contact an additional nine (9) people and encourage their "yes" vote and give them a reminder call before the election and so on.  This develops an information and support network.  The goal of Mine + 9 is to increase voter participation beyond its current level and pass the levy on March 2nd.


Now is the time to ensure that you have a voice over the quality of the education of the children in the Westerville City School District!


If you are interested in more information about the district, its finances or anything else, you can check the following sources:



Do not miss your opportunity to vote Yes for the March 2nd levy.  Research the facts and exercise your right to vote.  Your vote matters!


Do not let a minority of voters make all the decisions for this school district.


I would like to include you on my List of Nine and encourage you to contact nine people that you know in the district.  Please help continue this campaign by signing my pledge form and passing copies of the letter and pledge form on to nine other people who will in turn sign your pledge form.  A print version of the form is available on the WeVOTE website.


Together, we can make a difference!


Thank you!




Doug Banton

Pam Warrick-Schkolnik

Julie Taylor

Susan L Kaul

Barry & Sandy Schumann

Betsy & Bruce Binnig

Kim Eberst

Kim Ticknor

Mary & Donald May

Kim Walker

Lorean Payne

Vicky Ryan

Chris & Mark Dilley

Cindy Hollobaugh

Linda Sabo

Lynne Lachied

Eric Wendel

Ken & Trina Shanks

Denise Yalenty

Machelle Kline

Emily & Thor Sandvik

Marla Morris

Kathy Krofcheck

Sheryl & Rick Rauzi

Michael Kelley

Lynda Hall

Jerry Miller

Catherine Perkins

Greg Mild

Steve Petercsak

Linda Danna

Jeanette Talamo

Carolyn Koblens

Lisa Reschke

Greg Boyd

Cheryl Huston

Holly Seidl

Marilyn Rampelt

Gail Westerman

Nancy Cowee

Denise Keighley

Laura Malaby

Debbie Nofziger

Kathleen Cocuzzi

Mary Pisano

Charlotte & Chris Kenreigh

Jeff & Jodi Blackburn

Niki Clark

Karol & John Hanley

Cindy Bass

Valerie Thompson

Dan Morris

Ann Engelhart

Tom & Debbie Malloy

Sarah Gorsuch

Martha Jagucki

Bob and Marci Ladue

Harry & Ann Peat

Kevin & Monica Flynn

Cinda K. Lemont

Helen Chan

Suzi Heit

Tina Etheridge

Tom & Lori Carter

Cheree Richards

Bill Kiel

Bobbilyn Kasson

Maria Fragoulis

Dick & Marie Dilley

Jennifer Campagna

Jodi Fletcher

Jude & Jeff Berger

Julie Jackson

Mark Jackson

Bob & Cindy Hicks

Ann Rottersman

Sarah Ortman

Kelly & Brian Pollard

Rev. Mark & Kathy Gauen

Mike Collins

Scott Linder

Madhura Pradhan

Steve & Mary Frances Ball

Jon & Andrea Sweet

Amy Migliore

Susan Harper

David & Sara Deever

Harry & Nancy Fry

Dana Campbell

Jon & Lisa Kinkel

Bob & Julie Buck

Michael Huler

Marlene Deringer

Roxanne Armstrong    

Melissa Gruzs

Jean Allocco

Nancy Hennen

Heidi Gilley

Nancy Bjelovuk

Jennifer MacDonald

Susan Chioran 

Nancy Miller

Paul Warrick-Schkolnik

Denise Mundy

Rick & Diane Bannister

Amy Gaus

Jennifer Center

Mark Lemont

Krista Chrisman

Gary Chrisman

Karen & Mike Radecki

Siobhan Blake

Stephanie Labbe

Damon "Chip" Wetterauer

Kathye Wetterauer

Marcy Orchard

Sharon Edgerley

Bernadette and Steven Smith

Craig Johnson

Joy Rose

Katie Edgerley

Whitney  Reschke

Jeff Reschke

Abby  Reschke

Linda Komlos

Debbie Sonner

Michelle Smith

Kari Justice

Mary Thompson

Ginny Blake

Nancy Williams

Andrew K. Williams

Jill Kvalheim

Rebecca A. Halterman

Robin Shrilla

April Mann

Kristy Harrison

Terrell A. Morgan

Lisa Horn

Lisa Grady

Gaby Miller

Jane Haines

Quentin Haines

Chris Ticknor

Kevin Hoffman

Betsey Krause

Nancy Nestor-Baker

Cindy Crowe

Lori Vogt

Sam and Cher Iannarino

Kim & David Wickham

Ramona Bishop

Beth Odasso

Robin & Becky Medley

Terry & Susie Mackin

Ivan & Julie Smith

Eric & Chris Doolittle

Rita & Nevin Longardner

James Bishop

Mark & Melissa Finnegan

Kevin & Lisa Michaels

Roger Campbell

Margery Murphy

Gail Gregory

Donna & Bill Carpenter

Kelly Kline

Mary Lou Prouty

Bob & Sapna Welsh

Chelsea L. Madden

Alan and Jennifer Vestal

Calloway Robertson

Amber Nickels

Natalie & Mike Schaublin

Nanae Tomlinson

Richard McCarriston

Sakura McCarriston

Jeanne Smith

Steve Smith

Lucy Rader-Brown

Lori McNeal

Sharon Anthony

Aloma Gibbs

Danielle Machuta

Tina J. Burtch

Carolyn Bellanca

Max & Suzette Machuta

David Cocuzzi

Jason Tucker

Kim Woosley

Tom Cullinan

Gary Kagarise

Robin Shrilla

Robert Schultz

Donna Kosanovich

Nancy Bjelovuk

George Bjelovuk

Kathy Bogosian

Brenda Green

Jennifer Elam

Carol Pfanz

Jane Robinson

Diana Ferrara

Laura Kistler

Sherri Blais


Westerville Voters On Target for Education