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Please help us work together as a community to communicate, address issues, and arrive at some solutions to protect the education of the Westerville City School District's children.

Rules of Posting to the WeVOTE Message Board
1. Do not post messages or articles that were sent to you via email or in any other form, without the original writer's specific permission.  Messages are the intellectual property of the person who originally wrote them, not the person to whom they are addressed.  Links to articles may be placed on the board, however text of articles falls under copywrite law and may not be posted without permission.

2. Do not use obscenities here even with blanks or substitute characters. We all can express our opinions without resorting to that. If you post a message that violates forum rules, it will be deleted or moved, no matter how brilliant or valuable it may be otherwise. 

3. Please respect other members participating on the message board. While opinions expressed by other members may differ from your own, they have the right to express their thoughts without fear of being belittled.  Messages which are disparaging toward other people will not be allowed on the board.
4.  Please do not post personal contact information on the board.  If you post a message requesting volunteer help, please include your email address.  Responders are requested to email replies off the board.

Important note:  All opinions, advice, information, materials, and other contents of the message board are solely the expressions of their authors and are not endorsed, approved or guaranteed in any way by WeVOTE.  Messages on the board will, however be moderated.  Messages which violate the stated rules will not be posted to the board.

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