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WeVOTE strives to provide accurate, fact-based answers to questions about the Westerville City School District and to facilitate positive communications between the community and the district.  Please submit questions to: wevotenet@yahoo.com .


Q:  Why is the school board cutting critical programming after we passed a levy?

A: Good question. Had the November 2003 levy passed, property taxes would have been collected beginning in January, 2004. Since it failed, no additional money for the schools will be collected this year. That put the budget behind.

Even though the voters approved a much smaller millage in March 2004, which will be collected in January 2005, the school budget is $8.8 million behind. Therefore, cuts have to be made to balance the budget by June 2004, in order to meet state rules.

Voters were told in November that these cuts would have to come if the levy failed. The March levy passage allowed for some funds to come into the school system while measures can be taken to stablize finances and make a 10 year financial plan. More revenue is needed.

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