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We are very grateful that many of you have written to the local newspapers and to WeVOTE with your comments, concerns and letter rebuttals regarding educational issues in Westerville City Schools.

We have reprinted these messages in order to share information that might be useful to all of the voters in the Westerville City Schools District.

New Letters

SALT & 14,000 kids

I want a clown!

Speak Loudly & Clearly

Wake Up Westerville!


Feed My Sheep

I Pledge my Support

Food For Thought

What's on the line

What voters want to know

Budget cuts impact classroom instruction

School district support is critical investment ~ Shannon Hamons

I have felt a difference

Teachers are concerned

Get out and VOTE this time

Quality education is a gift

Stop WAG-N-Wike

Custodians also affected by levy

Win-Win and school funding experts inform our community

Freedom of speech should not be taken for granted...

Editorial Created False Picture

I say 'No' to Terry Wike

From Westerville South Students

"There you go again."

"Enough is Enough"

"Westerville Where?" ~ Wrong!

Take Pride in Supporting World-Class Education

Like the fabled Hydra...

Critical Support: A Reasonable Investment

What about "No" do you not understand?

To All WCS Parents

Path of Excellence Requires Support

Magnet School Lottery

Community Responsibility

Crucial Point in Quality of Education

Board, Schools Responsible

IB Program Misinformation

Schools Deserve Voter Support

WCS Fortunate to Get IB Program

No Plasma TVs at Central High School

Todd Meyer: Don't be Misled

Westerville Voters On Target for Education