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Westerville Voters On Target for Education

We are a diverse group of concerned citizens in the Westerville School District.  The goals and operations of the organization are as follows:

  • We are a grassroots organization dedicated to collecting and providing accurate information about the Westerville City School district to voters.  We do not raise or spend funds.  We operate simply via speakers, high-tech communications (e-mail & website), good old-fashioned communications (school/neighborhood gatherings, telephone, friends, family), and publications (Letters to the Editor and as Guest Columnists to local papers).
  • We will work in conjunction with Citizens for Schools, but we are a separate organization.
  • We operate on a very de-centralized, team approach.


WeVOTE registered as a PAC for the November 4, 2003 election:
We have determined that since our ultimate goal is to improve communications and knowledge throughout the district, we no longer meet the definition of a PAC. 
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Westerville Voters On Target for Education