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     I find it rather interesting that Mr. Wike has named his group WAG.  Just like a little puppy who gets all excited and wags its tail about nothing; Mr. Wike is WAGing his tounge without the facts.  After running his "campaign" at a deficiet of over $10,000 he has come begging the taxpayers of Westerville to throw money at him after four short months.  Yet, he is criticizing the Board for asking for an increase in operating funds  for the first time in 12 years.  I wonder if the private school his children attend has been able to operate without raising tuition for 12 years! I doubt it. 
     Mr. Wike has stated that "many seniors can't pass a ninth-grade reading test" when the fact is one student didn't pass.  Makes me wonder.....when Mr. Wike says he has "many" supporters.....based on his record that would mean he is still the only ONE.  I say "STOP WAG-n-WIKE"!!
Chris Duraney

Westerville Voters On Target for Education