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Presented by Brandon Prewitt a senior at Westerville South High School on Wednesday October 15, 2003 at the Westerville town meeting.
         Good evening, my name is Brandon Prewitt and I am a senior member of Westerville South's National Honors Society. With the help of Ian Gaunt, the student administrator, Susan Nguyen, president of student council, and Katie Reifeis, we have formed a committee to assist in publicizing the levy from a students perspective.
         After meeting with Ms. Rose and Dr. Tombaugh, we have learned of the many consequences that the district faces if the levy does not pass. Westerville Schools is a place I have called home for the past twelve years. Going from Whittier, to Blendon, and now to South I believe that I have received an education like no other. I credit this education to the dedication of such people like Ms. Rose, Dr. Tombaugh, and the talented teachers that we have in the district, some of which have departed. I am also concerned that my brothers who are currently in Blendon and Whittier will not have to same opportunities to excel and receive the education that I have over the years.
          You are all aware of the statistics and the "What ifs" if the levy does not pass. Therefore I am not going to tell you that you should vote for the levy because if you don't class sizes will increase, pay-to-play costs would increase, and others. I am going to tell you how it effects the thousands of students that walk through the doors of South everyday. It is quite nice that the halls are less crowded not that Central has opened, but it's disturbing that each class has between 28 and 30 students. The ability for the student to get help during the period is slim to none and they often find themselves after school with their teachers to grasp important concepts. The discontinuation of Math, Science, and English help only adds to the students' inability to get the help that they need. All of these issues are caused by lack of funds. The wide array of AP, advanced, honors, music, and art courses offered at South gives! students the option to excel in the field in which they are most interested, making them more appealing to colleges and universities. To rid South of these programs would cripple the well-rounded, challenging education that some students deserve.
        The evidence is clear and the facts are abundant. I am asking, as a student, that each one of you vote "yes" on November 4th for the levy. Let's not get to the point of more unwanted budget cuts. Let's give the students of the future the same opportunities as the students of today.

Westerville Voters On Target for Education