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WeVOTE ~ Westerville Voters On Target for Education
Myth: Untried, Expensive New Programs
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Fact:  There are new programs coming to Westerville, but they are neither untried nor expensive.  The IB program will provide an upgrade to high school education in Westerville that has been needed and wanted for some time.  And the fact is, we requested it.  There is a cost for accreditation of the IB program, program materials, and teacher training.  Teacher training and revised teaching materials are normal costs of education.  If the IB program were not implemented, the same teachers would still teach at the high school, there would still be a cost for revised program materials and teacher training, so the incremental cost over our normal costs would not be large.  However, the benefits to our students will be enormous.
Fact:  Smaller Learning Communities (SLCs) addresses the problems of large high schools. Westerville has large high schools and the problems that go with them.  This program is neither untried nor expensive.  All work to this point has been supported by a grant.  When the program is implemented, there may be some incremental cost, such as for training, but the fact is that Westerville will have the same number of teachers who teach the same number of students, period.  The program is not untried.  It has been implemented in many high schools, and will be implemented in many, many more.

Westerville Voters on Target for Education