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WeVOTE ~ Westerville Voters On Target for Education
Myth: Too Many Highly Paid Administrators
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Fact:  A comparison of 18 central Ohio districts shows Westerville has had the second lowest expenditure per pupil for administration, and significantly lower than the state average.  It is simply not possible to have too many highly paid administrators when a district spends this little on administration.
  • Last year WCS had fewer administrators per student population than all other 17 districts in the county.  Even Groveport and Hamilton Township had greater numbers per student population.  (see the Ohio Department of Education [ODE] for information)
  • Last year WCSs administrators were paid less than all other Franklin County districts except one (see ODE).
    • Moreover, since last year, 8 WCS administrative positions were eliminated and salaries were frozen for all WCS administrators. As a result WCSs position in numbers of administrators per student has cemented its last place status.  Also, the salary position will most likely drop to last in the county.
    • This summer's exodus of administrators from WCS reinforces this point and will only increase. Other neighboring districts will continue to recruit even more quality administrators from Westerville.

Westerville Voters On Target for Education