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No Plasma TVs at Central High School
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Just the facts on school spending, PLEASE!!!



        In the September 10th issue of the Westerville News and Public Opinion, Lisa Hamilton questioned an earlier editorial. In it she wrote, "I lost sympathy for the levy issue the moment I heard about the plasma televisions that were installed at Central."

       My daughter is a student at WCHS and Id like to assure the voters that there are no plasma televisions in the school.  I dont know where Ms. Hamilton heard this, but it is simply not true. I invite her, and the community, to visit the school during the dedication and open house that is being held on Sunday, September 21st at 2 p.m.


       The voters in this district have strong opinions both for and against the levy. Every voter has a right to his or her opinion and we must respect those opinions, but we also must remember that along with that right comes the responsibility to learn the facts before making a decision. Too many rumors and myths have clouded the truths. To get easy access to the facts, a group of concerned parents have worked to create a web site where you can find the answers to many school district questions. There are also parents in the group that are willing to research issues that you may have heard about to get the facts. I invite you to check the web site at


       The children of this district are counting on us to do our homework. Lets not fail them.



Kim Walker



Westerville Voters On Target for Education