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...and what they don't.

What do residents of the Westerville School District/Community really want to know?  Allow me to start with what many do not want to know.  How does Ohio law make public school funding in this state far more challenging than many states?  Do they want to know how millage works, or about rollbacks or new mandates etc?  I doubt it. 


First, most want to know how much it will cost them and what they receive in return.  They want the information in terms they can understand. They want to know if the proportion of the taxes they pay for schools has changed or will change, if it is different from like school districts.  They want to know if the school district has been fiscally conservative and efficient.  Are the schools producing good student outcomes?


Possibly, most do not understand if this levy fails, what the implications of fiscal
emergency mean on local school district control, property values and services to students.  Many do not understand that services have been cut for this school year to meet the requirements of Ohio law for a balanced budget and not because of arbitrary board decisions made to cause the students and public pain.


I have been a Westerville resident since 1984 and have two children in high school.  I have been active in the school district the last several years.  I too, have to admit to being challenged to understand public school funding in Ohio and for our school district.  But, I have invested time in educating myself about the district's financial decisions and current situation, and the consequences if this levy does not pass. 


In my estimation, the district has put forth considerable effort to be responsive to the communitys needs, to explain the fiscal realities in meaningful terms and to address our concerns in a very public and open way.  From what I have learned, I believe the district is doing a responsible job in its stewardship of our precious financial resources and delivering effective services for the lifeblood of our families and the community as a whole.  I have come to see that the district's operating costs are lower than comparable schools and that we are all getting a great value for our dollar. 


Along with greater understanding comes trust.  In my personal and professional relationships, I seek an understanding of a persons values, honesty and integrity in determining their character and giving them my trust.  I plan to vote for the levy because ultimately I trust our district administration and believe in the need for the students and our community.  And even though I may have been disappointed with school board comments and decisions at times over the years, I understand the real needs of the school district at this right time for support and passage of this levy on November 4th.


What would a suburban community be without a solid school district that not only attracts and keeps young families, but preserves a beautiful community for all residents of all ages?  The passage of this levy is a sound investment you can makein your childs future and for your community.  Please vote for the levy on November 4th.   Thank you.


Calloway Robertson

Parent and Concerned Community Citizen

Westerville Voters On Target for Education