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Dear Editor,

     The last school levy didn't fail because the people spoke. It failed because they didn't.  The silent majority lost the election last time because we got careless. We got busy at work and busy taking the kids somewhere and we forgot it was election day. And besides that, we just never thought that the votes wouldn't be there to support our children like they always had been before but guess what, they weren't. We can't let that happen again.
     Education does cost money. That's the reality but in Westerville, we actually spend much less per pupil than most every other school district in central Ohio. We get a tremendous return on our education dollar and even though I may not agree with every penny that gets spent, I still believe in our board and our teachers and our schools.
     And whoever said that "basic" education was enough? Our children need more than just "book learnin'." They need to be trying new skills, attempting new challenges in the classroom, in the arts, on the playing fields and I believe that our schools are a great place for those things to happen. I want the kids of Westerville to have all kinds of opportunities and I'm willing to pay my fair share to make it happen.
     If we want quality education for all children, if we want an  educational
system that truly attempts to prepare our kids to be successful, happy adults, then we have to get out and be heard this time. We can't forget about it. We can't put it off. We can't take anything for granted or before you know it, we'll lose it all.
     VOTE "YES" for the levy.
Mark Hopkins

Westerville Voters On Target for Education