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WeVOTE ~ Westerville Voters On Target for Education
Quality education is a gift
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To the Editor:


Quality education is a gift.  As a community, we have worked hard to build a school district that has a vision for our children and our future.  After last May's defeat of the school levy, the Westerville City School Board was forced to cut $5.7 million from the budget.  Thirty teaching and administrative positions were eliminated, class sizes were increased, and school services were cut.  Defeat of the levy in November will have even more serious consequences for our children, our homes, and our community. 


When Westerville (South) High School was built, I understand that there was an outcry from the community that it was too elaborate.  In particular, the auditorium was cited as excessive and unnecessary.  Fortunately, those who designed the school many years ago had a vision for our community.  And, their vision has proven to be accurate. 


Today Westerville City School District is the 9th largest school district in the state of Ohio with over 14, 000 students and growing.  A cut in personal property taxes by the state legislature will continue to impact our district at the rate of over $500,000 per year for the next 12 years.  Over the years we have built a school system known for its quality.  It has attracted many new homeowners to our community.  Do we really want to create a situation where people are choosing to leave our community because of an unstable school district? 


We are fortunate to have visionary leadership in the Westerville City School District.  School board members, administrators, and teachers know what it takes to educate our children today to prepare them for tomorrow.  These children will be our physicians, teachers, builders, architects, lawyers, elected officials, journalists, scientists, and artists.  Give them the gift of your support.  Vote yes for the school levy - put children first.




Kristi King Robbins

WSHS Class of 1978

Westerville Voters On Target for Education