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Chamber supports school operating levy

The Westerville Area Chamber of Commerce board of trustees unanimously voted to support the Westerville schools' 7.5-mill, three-year operating levy.  The impact of successful schools has many benefits to businesses and residents.  Factors such as inflation, growth, operations of new schools and state cuts are reason enough to warrant the passage of the upcomming school operating levy.  The education available within a community is equally as important when a business considers its location.  As said many times before; good schools make for good business which results in good community. 

The Franklin County auditor has reported that the average home value in Westerville experienced a 4.3-percent increase each year for three years. There is a direct correlation between the quality of our public schools and the property values within the district.  Business owners and employees of Westerville businesses owning homes in the Westerville School District do benefit from our advancing school system.

It is not in the best interest of our community to be satisfied with the state average or below minimum standards.  Our district is in jeopardy of needing to increase class size, reduce course offerings, graduation requirement just to name a few which will result in being at state minimum.  It is recognized that strong schools make for strong community.  Passage of this operating levy assures us of the continuation of current services and reinstating some programs and services that were cut to operate within the budget this school year.

The Westerville Area Chamber supported the school bond issue in 2000, knowing at that time that there would need to be an operating levy presented to the voters in order to operate the new schools and maintain existing programs and services within the district.

Our community is growing and it is important we support the growth through properly funded schools, city services and supporting our area businesses.  Please remember to exercise your right to vote on November 4 and we urge you to support this Westerville School operating levy. 

Charlene Kott


Westerville Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Trustees

Westerville Voters On Target for Education