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Top 10 Reasons to Vote YES on the School Levy


10. State cuts by the legislation ($ 700,346 in 2003 and Phase-out of Inventory tax, $6.4 million at the rate of $500,000 per year for the next 12 years).


9.  Since 1991, an additional 1,750 students have enrolled without an increase in the tax rate.


8. Westerville City Schools spends below the state average on per pupil expenditures:

Upper Arlington $10,750

Worthington $ 9,953

Dublin $ 9,939

New Albany $ 9,106

Groveport $ 8,625

Hilliard $ 8,366

Gahanna $ 8,129


Olentangy $ 7,902

Westerville $ 7,696


7.  Excellent schools maintain or increase property values.  According to Joe Testa:  Increase in home value in the Westerville City School District was 4.3% each year, for 3 years, 1999-2001.  A $100,000 home is projected to increase $4,300 each year.


6.  Class sizes at schools are growing and additional staff cannot be hired without additional funds.


5.  Maintenance of current buildings:

16 elementary schools

4 middle schools

3 high schools

Neglect of timely maintenance can result in higher costs in the long run.


4.  Westerville City Schools is the Westerville areas largest employer.  Our schools support our district from employee taxes.


3.  Fourteen thousand students need quality education


2. The levy will raise $15.9 million a year for our children's education.


1. Community, Value, and Pride

Westerville Voters On Target for Education