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WeVOTE ~ Westerville Voters On Target for Education
Freedom of speech should not be taken for granted...
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Freedom of speech shouldn't be taken for granted....

In these difficult global times, all of us should take a step back and look at how far we have come as a nation in the past 100 years alone.  Women campaigned for the right to vote from 1848 until August, 1920, when two-thirds of the states ratified the 19th amendment to the Constitution giving women the right to vote.  Women suffered in prisons for this right.  Blacks went through similar sufferings until President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act of 1965, pledging the federal government to enforce equal access for all people to vote.
When I think of all that our ancestors went through to give us the right to vote, I feel strongly that we have a commitment to the next generation to do our homework on the issues and candidates, then take time to go to the polls on November 4th to vote.  Many citizens in the countries where U.S. troops are serving right now do not have that right.  We should feel fortunate for our democracy and having a voice, even though it sometimes seems like a small voice, to cast our vote in reflection of our beliefs.
I am delighted to see the "Real Needs.  Right Now." signs in yards in support of the Westerville School levy.  Our district is in such bad shape that sixth graders are going to study hall instead of having a health class this year.  This kind of cut back will only continue due to the poor school funding system in Ohio.  The only chance we can give our children is to pass the levy and work with district officials to find new ways to increase revenues.  It is sad that so many signs supporting the levy are being stolen by those who are immature and disrespectful of the freedom of speech.  I may not support some of the issues or candidates whose signs are sprinkled across our neighborhoods, but it is comforting to know they are there and that the freedom to express our
opinions still exists.  Please join me in heading for the polls on November 4th to cast a vote for our children and pass the Westerville School levy.
Chris Dilley

Westerville Voters On Target for Education