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I say 'No' to Terry Wike
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I received a letter from a Mr. Terry Wike, president and treasurer of the Westerville Action Group.  This letter informed Westerville residents that "enough is enough" and "no means no" when it comes to passing a levy for more school funding.  He also stated that there were too many unanswered questions regarding this levy and after all he says... "why should we pay all those taxes for a school system that has been only rated as efficient verses excellent?"


The answer is simple.  When the levy fails, teachers get cut causing larger class sizes, overworked teachers and no individual attention for students.  Tutors?  Nope sorry, the levy didnt pass!  This is why Westerville schools may have a rating of "efficient" overall and NOT excellent!


Rather than truly educating himself on this issue (he says hes done his homework but I for one give him an "F" as its clear he slept during class!).  He asks for voters to act and stand up to say "wait a minute!"  Not only does Mr. Wike want voters to wait a minute, he wants them to take a minute and make donations to support his self-centered cause!


In the spring Terry Wike spent $11,364 of his own money to oppose the proposed levy in May and avoid the whopping $1,982 he would have been required to pay over three years had the levy passed!


Im thinking that since he sends his children to private Christian schools, would that money not have been better spent on his childrens education or tithing to his familys church?  Better yet... how about his childrens future college education?


I say "wait a minute" Mr. Wike!  Vote no if you must, but our family will most emphatically vote YES!


Sherida Toth



Westerville Voters On Target for Education