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Letters to the Editor

To the Editor,

This letter is in response to one item in Roger Johnson's letter in the June 18th edition.

In Mr. Johnson's letter, he said that students in the Westerville Magnet Schools "are chosen on the basis of a corrupt lottery system...."  What is corrupt about Westerville's Magnet School lottery system?  Any student can apply, names are drawn by lottery at a public drawing that anyone may attend, and some magnet school students' younger siblings, unfortunately, don't get in.  The process is not biased in any way.  Mr. Johnson, please check your facts before you spread unfounded rumors.  That's what our school districts needs....honesty and good communication on the part of the school board, administration, parent groups, and our community at large.  We need to work together as a team to make our schools great in every way, providing wonderful opportunities for the next generation.  The economy is not great, but investing is our kids will always be a fruitful investment.  I hope we, as a community, can all work together to pass the school levy in November and work with the Board of Education to improve communication and make sure our school system meets the needs of every student.

Christine Dilley

WEsterville Voters On Target for Education